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If there's ever been a pool that doesn't need a lifeguard present, you'd think it would be at Rio's Olympic Aquatics Stadium. After all, Olympic swimmers are at much greater risk of missing the podium than they are of needing to be rescued from the water.

But thanks to Brazilian law, which requires lifeguards patrolling any pool larger than 20 feet by 20 feet, a fleet of lifeguards have been patrolling the world's best swimmers throughout the opening days of the games.

m88 The lifeguards at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium do have a good sense of humor about their jobs.

"We joked to each other, 'We're here to save him!'" Danielle Martelote, the lifeguard supervisor at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, said of Michael Phelps. "But we hope and expect that all the athletes will be fine."

Not surprisingly, they've often been captured looking rather bored:

Rio lifeguard. #Unimpressed pic.twitter.com/xxcCAUkoiH

- Chase Locke (@chaselocke88) August 8, 2016
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