outlook sync programs reviewIn order to facilitate contact, I generally use backup software for outlook to send and receive e-mail, but I also set up my own e-mail on the company's computer, so that you can receive a letter in the company. However, as time goes by, a large number of emails are also stored in this mailbox. In order to facilitate the management, I intend to copy these emails to my own email address. However, such a large number of emails have become a troublesome issue. .

If you have only a few emails in a very small number, the easiest way is to open the email, click 'File', and then click 'Save As' to save the email to your floppy disk or flash drive and start your computer On Outlook, drag the message saved to your floppy disk or flash drive to your inbox. As you can see, this is not a complicated operation, but if there are hundreds of emails in my inbox, it can be too annoying if handled in this way.

After my exploration, I finally found a way to transfer a large number of emails at one time: First, I open my inbox in the company and press 'Ctrl + A' to select all the emails (of course, you can also choose according to your needs To manually select, hold down Ctrl can select multiple messages at the same time), and then click the right mouse button, select 'forward by attachment', then Outlook will automatically generate a new message (Figure 1), all the mail you have chosen to be put In the attachment bar, the most crucial step at this point is to click 'File → Save Attachment' on the new email, then we can save the attachment to one of my designated directories (Figure 2) All the mail saved to our designated directory, and then we will save all the mail copied to your home computer, then drag to your home inbox, completed the transfer of the entire mail . This method can be easily transferred to any Outlook e-mail, I hope we use Outlook helpful
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