Berlin (Peter Lang), 1993.
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Reza Shah was forced by the invading British to in favor of his son who replaced his father as Shah on the throne on 16 September 1941.
Pianists are just pianists.
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C) Where the reference patent claims the benefit of an earlier filed, copending but subsequently abandoned application which discloses subject matter in common with the patent, and the abandoned application has an enabling disclosure for the common subject matter and the claimed matter in the reference patent, the effective date of the reference patent as to the common subject matter is the filing date of the Web Site reference patent.
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In their proclamations, their addresses, their letters to General Washington, and their supplications to Congress (for they deserve no other name) they talk of British honor, British generosity, and British clemency, as if those things were matters of fact; whereas, we whose eyes are open, who speak the same language with yourselves, many of whom were born on the same spot with you, and who can no more be mistaken in your words than in your actions, can declare to all the world, that so far as our knowledge goes, there is not a more detestable character, nor a meaner or more barbarous enemy, than the present British one.
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Both vertical inequalities: economic grievances, a lack of political rights, and the lifestyle of the Gadaffi children, as well as horizontal inequalities: regional as well as tribal differences.

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While you can surely find extensive lists of restaurants and attractions nearby, here are recommendations from our personal experiences.

An initial thesis should be tentative.

The challenge to me is getting people to recognize the humanity in others outside of their race, no matter the differences.

Riccardo is relentless in his pursuit of Rebecca.

That had been my usual ashtray when I went in.

Several authority content sites use numbers in their headlines.

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Write a letter to a cousin and invite them to your wedding.

These products are expected to witness high demand due to cost effectiveness, higher applicability, and technological up gradation.

Coba Anda renungkan sejenak, bagaimanakah kehidupan Anda di tahun-tahun mendatang?

In reviewing the firms' use of thresholds, we found that under some circumstances, a suitably chosen materiality threshold could appropriately play a complementary role in identifying covered employees if used to include employees as covered employees.

What has contributed to this situation, and how could it be improved?

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It is very overwhelming at first to realize that we are being controlling with our husbands.

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Then, my sister and I were separated and I remember going through a nasty custody battle and was given to my grandmother.

Registered with the Royal Government of Bhutan, we are one of the most experienced tour companies in Bhutan offering personallized services in planning and execution of every tour.

From the time of their first geological mapping and mineral resource assessments in Afghanistan, and on into the twentieth century, the British maintained a comprehensive interest in resources of Afghanistan.

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Neither the deliberate indifference nor professional judgment standard requires a municipality to anticipate third party violence.

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But not one of my hotel rooms has ever been rifled through, nor any of my money-belt-worthy valuables ever stolen.

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Received doctorate degree from AMU.

John Adams was president now, and the Washingtons were leaving for Mount Vernon, their home in Virginia.

When deciding if we are for or against the legalization of prostitution, we must first understand the psychopathology of prostitutes, arguments of human rights and equality, public opinions regarding prostitution, endangerme.

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By one way or another, parents and grandparents benefit from close ties with their children and grandchildren even if they cannot exchange visits very often.

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