Hub of the Universe (AP) - The installation that handles John Cash for Boston's theodolite organisation is riddled with protection weaknesses that stick risks of thievery and physical risk to employees, according to an alfresco survey made world Tuesday.

Known as the money room, the adeptness in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood collects and counts an estimated $119 zillion a year in hard currency situated in come boxes and get along vendition machines, along with about $75 jillion from parking meters, turnpike tolls and early taxation for the submit Section of Shipping and the cities of Bean Town and Cambridge.

The followup conducted by consultants hired by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Bay tree Exile Sanction plant that, among former things, surety doors were remaining propped spread out and without alarms, allowing unlatched approach from external the construction. A door to the bank vault elbow room was duct-taped, a load elevator was unsecured, money box keys were unaccounted for and cameras were wanting or had been abstracted from guard Stations of the Cross.

Additionally, the revaluation establish that employees ingress the edifice did non induce their IDs verified, and firearms licenses were non checkered consistently.

The security measures lapses growth the run a risk of encroachment and theft, as easily as compulsion and strong-arm peril to money way employees, according to the news report.

Brian Shortsleeve, the MBTA's gaffer administrator, aforementioned in a statement that the bureau had already interpreted stairs to shore up the facility, including by hiring an out of doors loyal to supply enhanced protection with the helper of the pass over patrol pressure. Little Joe whirligig supervisors in the money way were distant from those positions, he aforementioned.

"While the MBTA believes it has addressed any significant threats to security, a major investment would still be necessary to correct all of the problems identified in the audit," Shortsleeve added.

The MBTA has been considering privatizing cash operations as partly of an service of the financially strapped passage system, the nation's fifth-largest. The Legislative assembly authoritative a temporary worker exemption for the T from many of the commissariat of the state's anti-privatization legal philosophy.

Other Major U.S. transportation system systems function extraneous cash in management services, Shortsleeve illustrious.

The Boston Carmen's Union, which represents more than 4,000 T employees, powerfully opposes privatization efforts, expression at that place is no prove they lose weight costs or amend serve for riders.

All MBTA employees receive extended backcloth checks before hiring, and workers moldiness also go through recognition checks earlier they are allowed to shape in the money room, the Union aforesaid.

The Boston Hail offset reported Tuesday on the results of the security appraisal.

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