OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - The household of an Oakland creative person who was snap spell on the job on an anti-ferocity wall painting has filed a claim against the U.S. Immigration and Customs duty Enforcement agency, locution it is partially creditworthy for the shooting because it was committed with an agent's stolen hired gun.

The crime syndicate of Antonio Ramos announced the abuse toward a Fed case Thursday, The San Francisco Story reported website

Ramos was shot and killed Phratry. 29 with a weapon system that was purloined Sept. 13 in San Francisco from a auto organism put-upon by an Ice rink federal agent. Marquee Holloway, of Oakland, was aerated with mutilate in Ramos' destruction. Constabulary suppose the shot stemmed from an contention later Holloway eyed Ramos' camera equipment to bargain.

"Despite ICE's knowledge and awareness of the problem and despite recommendations by other government agencies for corrective action, ICE agents continue to have their unsecured firearms stolen at alarming rates," aforesaid Hotdog Pitre, the attorney for Ramos's home.

Pitre aforementioned the federal agent failing to play along suited policies to stoppage the arm from being stolen, so much as keeping it in a pocketbook or securing the weapon system.

ICE officials didn't respond to a bespeak for point out.

Ramos' death came just months afterward Kate Steinle, 32, was slam to last in July along the San Francisco waterfront with a shooter stolen from a U.S. Chest of Country Management Texas Ranger.

Steinle's family, besides delineate by Pitre, filed a wrongful-dying lawsuit final stage calendar month quest restitution from federal official officials, the metropolis of San Francisco and erstwhile Sheriff Betsy Griscom Ross Mirkarimi.

As a upshot of the high-profile deaths associated to stolen weapons, elective officials in Oakland and San Francisco get projected fresh requirements for storing firearms in vehicles.


Information from: San Francisco Chronicle, site of human beings killed with purloined weapon moves to Sue ICE

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