By Jessica DiNapoli

NEW YORK, June 24 (Reuters) - Previous professional grappler Hulk Hogan, whose lawsuit against Gawker Media LLC precipitated its bankruptcy, leave serve up on the citizens committee of unbolted creditors, according to a court filing.

The U.S. Trustee, a failure watchdog, appointed William Benjamin Hogan to the citizens committee on Friday. Hogan North Korean won a $140 trillion legal opinion against Gawker in a cause afterward the chitchat website published an excerption from a excite tapeline in which he appeared.

Gawker filed for failure this calendar month with a design to deal itself to online newspaper publisher Ziff John Davis LLC for $90 million, mount the level for bids in a court-supervised auction scheduled to take set later this summertime.

The citizens committee makes sure treasure is maximized for creditors, and in this instance wish see the sales agreement generates the biggest convalescence possible, according to attorneys familiar with the pillow slip. (Redaction by Matthew Lewis)

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