Dealing with diaper rashes is one of the challenges you will face especially if you're a first time parent. Seeing your baby cry out of frustration can be heartbreaking at times and even when you know what's possibly causing your baby's pain, you still wish you could do something to relieve the discomfort right away. Nevertheless, you should relax if you want to think clearly of ways to treat your baby.

Carefully analyzing the situation is one key to deal with your baby's uneasiness. Find out what's actually causing the problem by checking inside the diapers first. If you see that the problem is strictly a result of diaper rashes, proceed by evaluating what you should do next. You will know if it's rashes if you notice some redness and swelling in the baby's skin.

Find out what could have probably brought about the rashes. Normally, infrequent diaper changing is the main cause for diaper rashes. Baby's waste like urine and pooh-pooh can cause irritation when it comes contact with the skin. The reason is that urine and fecal enzymes have high acidity.

To do away with the rashes, use anti-allergy creams such as Tylenol. Applying zinc oxide cream can also help prevent the spread of the rashes. Diarrhea is also a major cause of diaper rashes so in case the problem is a result of such, have your baby treated right away.

Avoid feeding the baby with foods that may result to indigestion. Make sure also that your baby is not lactose intolerant before feeding with commercial milk products. To prevent rashes from forming, see to it that you check the diapers from time to time, ideally every 2 to hours, to see whether the diaper needs some changing or not. If you believe that the brand of diaper your baby is using is what's causing the rashes, consider shifting to other brand names.

There's a 99 percent guarantee that you won't have to wake up again at midnight to change your baby's diapers if you faithfully apply these methods. However, if there's a 1 percent chance that these steps do not work for you and your baby, feel free to consult your pediatrician and inquire about effective ways to combat diaper rashes.

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