FileGee enterprise file synchronization backup system The best domestic personal file synchronization and backup software, set the file backup, synchronization, encryption, segmentation in one, can achieve FTP, LAN and native backup and synchronization between the various memory.

Powerful fault tolerance and detailed log, progress display, but also to ensure the reliability of backup synchronization, efficient and stable, less resource consumption characteristics, fully meet the needs of enterprise users, is widely used in enterprise data freeware backup sync software, web server, Office automation, Internet cafe management and other fields.

Without additional hardware resources, enterprises can build a powerful, efficient and stable automatic backup environment, is a very cost-effective choice for personal, small business file backup synchronization, installed in a separate computer.

Version Description:

1. Support local, local area network, FTP server, file backup synchronization.

2. support all the features of the personal edition

3. Support an unlimited number of tasks to create and implement.

4. Support multiple backup synchronization mode.

5. Support the implementation of system services.

6. Support automatic execution of tasks.

7. Support hot backup and copy file permissions.
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