iphone cu tai da latDalat has a lot of things glamorous , as the chilly air, each petal yellow wild sunflowers nursery on each mountain, green pines ringing in the wind, the winding path around slopes where visitors can walk for hours wandering unknown tired , only to see the front porch or a row of mimosa flowers golden and shining in the sun ...
Speaking of Da Lat is talking about the scenic places in Vietnam - where you and your family will have the momentarily most comfortable. Also thus Dalat travel in hot summer days sultry situation results indeed great things . But before going to Dalat, you do not ignore suggestions Datanla.net Dalat hotel with good order assurance You are integrity Best.
Cheap hotels in Dalat
Lan Rung Dalat Hotel
Located at 158 ​​Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2 area with quiet space quiet and romantic vision, a central about a 10 minute walk is designed and built according to high standards. Located in a favorable position comfortable, Lan Rung Dalat Hotel is the place appropriate honeymoon, is the ideal stopover for trips tourism, nursing recuperate, work your long day .From here, guests can enjoy easy access to vibrant beauty of aspect. Room amenities polite, secure parking, Lan Rung is one of the cheap hotels in Dalat convenience currently.
Hoang Quan Da Lat Hotel
Located at 9/1 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ward 4, Dist. Dalat - just 5 minutes walk from the center focus urban , 10 minutes walk to Xuan Huong Lake and Dalat market.
New hotels in operation around Christmas 2015, was designed and built in the style of modern contemporary, modern furnishings. Hoang Quan Da Lat hotel include 28 standard rooms spacious 2-star, luxury . Almost rooms with large windows overlooking the street, large airy lines. Amenities include rooms include modern bathrooms contemporary, water heater, flat screen TV with cable channels the number of diverse, refrigerator, .... The hotel's services include Zone reception extensively enough to serve several large delegations at the same time, restaurant can accommodate 100 guests, wireless Internet coverage in the entire Hotel, room Service, laundry, ... 24/24, parking for cars. employees friendly service and professional, ready to meet the requirements your proposal.
Hoang Quan is one of Dalat hotel is located at the center key , spacious, luxury and have a nice view, professional services, Human members friendly employees will make your holiday in Dalat comfortable and unforgettable.
Duy Dang Da Lat Hotel
Duy Dang Da Lat hotel is located at 1A Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 4, Dist. Da Lat, Lam Dong, with a capacity of about 42 people, including 12 rooms. With a beautiful location, Duy Dang handy convenient for you to visit and vacation here.
Almost the rooms are fully equipped and decorated beautifully decorated with the selective proper to give you the most comfortable feeling, hygiene standards are also applied highest application to get fresh air clean and airy, team ranks employees dedicated professional service and thoughtful.
The hotel offers convenient services such as reservation, rental and room service breakfast breakfast. there are many different types of rooms according to customer suggested
Facebook is one of the only cheap hotels in Dalat standards issued by the Department of Tourism Trade certified . The hotel's fully equipped with television began, cable TV, hot water shower, flowers decorations , a breakfast service and press.
Hotels support Wifi system with high-speed line to help you relax while they can rest, relax, fit comfortably surf the web. To guarantee your safety, on each floor are equipped with CCTV systems, allowing you more secure when rest here.
Hotels Dalat market
Bong Hong Hotel Dalat
Bong Hong Hotel is a hotel near Dalat Market, located on February 3, a road located in the central region focus urban Dalat. Nearby is the park's main urban and Cam Ly waterfall dreaming. Ho Xuan Huong Market and about 10 minutes' walk away, visitors can shop and stroll back to the hotel at sunset with lots of shops in the center emphasis.
Built and designed Luxury , polite. clear mineral , peaceful . 37 rooms are decorated elegant city . Each room has large windows, fully equipped to provide comfort for travelers, most pleasant stay at the hotel.
The standard rooms and VIP rooms of the hotel are clearly listed price: Room rates range from 400k - 650K / room / night
The hotel's restaurant can accommodate 200 guests, suitable for weddings -, birthdays, parties and conferences. Additionally , the hotel also has a 50 seat dining hall for breakfast or coffee beverage.
Along with these services: reception, housekeeping, clean up , laundry, parking, book tour. employees professional service, high professional skills.
Bong Hong Hotel Dalat Hotel is a trust worthy , you'll believe you are traveling for business or tourism.
Happy Dalat Hotel
Happy is a hotel near Dalat market. Located right Key urban and just 100m from Xuan Huong Lake. 18-room system with a capacity of more than 45 kinds of visitors, with full equipment needed, preferential prices for ranks employees dedicated, cycle originality best customer service.
The hotel offers cozy rooms with separate bathroom facilities as well as Wi-Fi. You can completely walked into the center urban without transport. With car park located within the hotel, the hotel Happy always is one of the ideal destinations Dalat hotels for small and medium family wants to have a break after the day care work stress , tired in Dalat provinces dreams .
The hotel also offers ticketing services, tour bookings Dalat travel company systems across the country, Additionally hotel also cheap motorbike rentals, cars from 4 - 45 seats. You can also request airfield or laundry flight school, are provided with an extra charge.
Dalat center hotel, convenient for shopping, travel experiences, easy walking street cuisine of urban dream.
Hotels near Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat
Thanh Trang Hotel 2 Dalat
As a hotel near Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat, Thanh Trang Da Lat Market 200m 2 favorable fun shopping without having to hire vehicles. Thanh Trang 2 The end 10 clean rooms, fully equipped with hot and cold water, wifi, fresh flowers, water, ...
Hotel rooms are decorated decorated simply but with balconies and airy windows. Each room has a pleasant fragrance perfume characterized by Dalat.
Hotel in Da Lat Flower water supply refining from natural flowers Dalat natural 100%. If you're curious to see Dalat perfume refining how can register garden tours refining perfume in Dalat (after your visit small bottles, get 1 free trial and can be purchased at the garden products).
Note: Perfumes and garden tours refined fragrances only unique at Thanh Trang 2.
Moreover, Thanh Trang Hotel 2 also offers specialty Dalat ensure genuine safety assurance, reputation for extremely affordable prices that at Dalat hotel that is as: Coffee pure, honey, royal jelly, Dalat, jams, ...
Especially with you preferred cafe on site will enjoy the delicious glass of Highland Cafe extremely preferential prices (10k / ly) by the hotel's owner hand-phase).
In Thanh page 2, you will feel the warm sensation calm, relaxed as you are in your own home because hotel owners are a couple young husband very thien.Tai relaxed and Thanh Trang 2 also provides other services such as car rental (car number: 100k, scooter: 120k / day), laundry, book tours, ...
Wishing you a happy tourist season comfortable to urban , city with lovely people.
Ocean Hotel 5 Dalat
As a hotel near Dalat Market and Ho Xuan Huong walk about 5 ~ 10p. Located on Phan Dinh Phung Street - one of the busy road, the busiest of urban . Visitors to the hotel Oceania will favorable tingle list in Members marketing , and join procurement activities, entertainment other amusement.
14-room hotel with spacious, clean. Built and designed in a simple style, polite. Each hotel room is equipped with full amenities: TV, mini fridge, hot water baths, countertops, cabinets v ... v .. assurance gives travelers a convenient agreement interests , most pleasant.
Standard Double Room rates: 250k / room / night
Standard Twin Room rates: 350k / room / night
The hotel reception, room service 24/24, parking, counters tour some locations tingle list in urban neighbor .
Ocean Hotel 5 Dalat Hotel is guarantee great stopover guests to continuation urban thousand flowers.
Dalat center hotel
Empress Hotel Dalat
Empress Hotel, the hotel is one of the 3-star Dalat center located near the market with amazing views. Empress is located on a hillside next to Xuan Huong Lake, between the post office tower of urban and golf.
The hotel field about 45 minutes flying ride and only takes about 5 minutes walk visitors can come to the center shopping focus Dalat market.
Hotels with green grass stretching along the aisle, the morning dew remaining morning made for a beautiful hotel close to the Empress natural With natural architecture simply not fussy but equally modern class and comfort. Located close to the center key , recreation will help you in shopping and going out.
Empress Dalat Hotel is one of 19 mid-range rooms and apartments with all kinds of Superior, Deluxe, Deluxe Suite and Empress Suite. From your room you can overlooks Xuan Huong Lake. There are like suites with floor paved with marble, as rattan furniture conveys a sense of closeness and warm for you.
Room rates range from 650K-1950k / room / night.
Rates are subject to change each time moments.
Moreover temporary residence at the Empress Hotel you can enjoy plenty of food with bold Eurasia, a rich variety of drinks, especially coffee in characterized here Highlands
Hotels, private space Dalat
Situated on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. Private Space Hotels is one of the central Dalat hotels 2-star standard, fair way to walk just 10p. From the hotel can easily reach the tourist places famous in urban : Ho Xuan Perfume, Yersin Park, golf courses, gardens urban ... as well as shopping venues, entertainment other amusement.
Hotel with luxury design and noble modern style classic European. In particular, every evening, in the main lobby of the hotel, guests can choose a cozy corner sofa cozy , sipped cup of coffee and enjoy the melodious piano poetic space, Pacific .
Bedrooms are spacious, airy quiet , fully equipped, decorations cozy , noble , each with windows looking directly out scenery of urban thousand flowers. Besides, the hotel rooms are fully equipped with advanced facilities leading to cater for tourists.
The hotel has single and double rooms. Prices range from 300k-500k / room / night. Maybe change each time moments. Children free.
Besides, the hotel also offers the following services: laundry, housekeeping, breakfast breakfast, reception 24/24. The hotel has a spacious parking lot, along with ranks employees friendly, polite. Private Space will be 1 Dalat hotel ideal for guests traveling. Quality and price given here secured consent .

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