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I had a heavy urinary tract infection and my doctor told me that my body could somehow react to all the medications I used to take at that period of my life. And since that time my periods were the most dreadful time in my life, I was screaming at night because of unbearable pain, they lasted for a week and even more, they were not really regular, so I couldn't actually foresee when they start next time - in two months or in two weeks. That was a disaster, I even thought I had some serious illness, but medical checkup hasn't revealed anything special. Just some minor hormonal changes. Then I went to another doctor and he advised me to take a course of Aygestin to stabilize my periods and release the symptoms. All I want to say - this medication is wonderful! Absolutely effective and side-effect-free. I took a full course of Aygestin and now my periods last 5 days, they come always on time and I no longer suffer from horrible pain during first days. Girls, if you want your periods to be regular and not disturbing, try out Aygestin - for me it worked out wonders!

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