uefi + gpt how to windows backup sync software win10 method:

sync backup programReady to work:

① use the big sweet potato u disk boot disk making tools u disk made into u disk boot disk;

② set the computer to start u disk.

Specific operation:

1, in the main menu interface with the keyboard arrow keys '↓' will move the cursor to '[02] big potato win8x86pe maintenance version (new machine)', enter to confirm, as shown:

2, into the big sweet potato pe, double-click to open 'DiskGenius partitioning tool', as shown:

\u0026 nbsp;

3, right-click on the 'local disk (C)', select 'backup partition to the image file,' as shown:

4, in the window, click to select the file path, its backup to your desired disk, you can check the 'finished' state of the computer, and then click 'Start', as shown:

5 Finally, in the prompt box, click 'OK', then you can see the program is backed up, as shown:
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