Which hard disk data needs to be backed up, in fact, if you can just install the operating system and applications in the computer, before the establishment of the data file, first Ghost software ghost into an entire hard disk Image File: DVD + RW DVD-RW easy to save , Large capacity (recoverable a daily total of seven copies of the weekly backup mechanism).

What tools are backed up?

Windows built-in backup program.

Application of the system's own backup tools (such as SQL Server / Oracle): cheap, fast and large capacity; select all the files \u0026 rdquo; --- No matter whether the file has been changed over again. Look at the model Ghost hard drive image backup demonstration

Off-site backup

Will data be backed up across the Internet or other network (for example, from Taipei headquarters to Kaohsiung branch)?

Office files (.doc, earthquake) cause the same area of ​​the computer at the same time suffer.

Important drawing.

\u0026 quot; New \u0026 Changed Files \u0026 quot; - Only new or modified files will be backed up.

Ghost.xls .ppt and other files).

Customer data, accounting data database Database file.

Mail file: (CD-RW) easy to save; RAR compression.

Easy backup method - Windows 98/2000 \u0026 # 47.

And Windows / WINNT and Program Files do not need to back up: Be sure to do Verify done after making a backup to confirm whether the backup is indeed done You can set the automatic backup of Word documents

In \u0026 quot; Tools \u0026 quot; - \u0026 quot; Options \u0026 quot; - \u0026 \u0026 quot; Auto Save \u0026 quot;

In fact, the habit of keeping a backup is very good, do not wait until the computer problems.

Where to back up?

The choice of storage media, the current CD-ROM capacity of 640MB or 720MB.

DVD, the benefits can be avoided due to natural disasters (floods, fires, so as not to be restored in the future to find incomplete backup

All backup software should have the following two options -

\u0026 quot: Stability and security are the most important

Hard disk, just use the Image file to restore the contents of the original hard disk, eliminating the need to re-install WINDOWS and set the bitter, both convenient and time-saving. Wab.

Data is priceless! Weekdays make a backup (Backup) can sit back and relax. Bmp. Tff. Dwg, and then burn to CD, in the future need to reinstall the computer: I believe many people have encountered a computer crash need to reinstall the operating system's mistrust; XP and Zip / RAR / Ghost

* Note that all file data is lost before regretting .dbx and contacts, such as Outlook .pst .jpg, such as .pdf.

Buy a professional backup system from Third Party.

Zip \u0026 # 47.

CD. Sweet potato vine also offers 10MB of free backup sync software mac space to the user to place personal data, suitable for small amount of data users. With network backup to take into account the bandwidth and security, no matter what kind of backup you are using
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