Whether shopping for a space heater to help supplement your home's heating system, or just help you save on your winter heating bills, finding just the right space heater for your situation can be confusing. People may have positive experiences with one or another type of heater, and from this may conclude that a particular model is more energy efficient - for example, some people will claim that the best space heaters are oil rad heaters - but in terms of energy efficiency this just isn't true.

There are two types of gas heaters that fall into the space heater category - propane gas heaters, which heat big areas for long periods of time, and kerosene gas heaters, which use wicks to burn kerosene. It's especially useful for heaters that are slow to heat up, since you can program it to make sure you'll come home to a well-warmed room. When we rebuilt our house we included a gas fireplace, a great choice that we used during our recent ice storm and three days without power. Inexpensive electric heaters are intended for targeted warmth in the know small, enclosed areas. A space heater with a higher wattage capability means it can safely handle higher levels of power output. The features are all integrated and the heater is safety tested and approved by both CSA and ETL Intertek. Sharlee, I did quite a bit of looking at heaters on the net and looked at some in the stores.

McCall said the first step to safely using any portable heater is to buy one that's certified by either the CSA or the ULC (or just plain old UL in the United States). These heaters are commonly used under a window or in drafty areas because they heat the cold air stream entering the room and spread the warm air. This great heater produces 1,500 watts per hour to heat up to 1,000 square feet.

A number of the ceramic heaters we tested could match this feat—but to do so, they had to run regularly, with their fans kicking up a lot of noise. You are welcome to put a link on your site, but please do not use my images or content without my permission. High Quality - This is not your average, generic infrared room heater that you regularly see on the shelves of your local big box chain store. The compact nature of the space heaters makes them easy to transport, store, and move about to heat the rooms you need, as you need them heated. Baseboard electric heaters , also known as low-profile heaters, are placed along an outside wall in a room. We also need to mention a big rule that many people don't know: A lot of manufacturers will tell you flat out that you shouldn't be using the heater with an extension cord," McCall said.

And if you plan on using a heater (or anything electrical) around water, the safest way to do so is to use a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. It is better to go larger and use it on a lower setting than buy a unit that cannot heat your space adequately.

The only heater that bested it was the pricier Vornado VH10 , which increased our test area's temperature by 10.7°F (a 3.3°F difference) in the same amount of time. Selecting a unit that is too small for the space required will leave you unsatisfied with the unit's performance. It probably wouldn't trip your breakers at the low (1000 watts) setting, but I can't say for certain that'd be enough to heat your space.

Automatic Fan Adjustment - Some space heaters that have fans are designed to automatically adjust the level the fan's at based on the need in the room - so if it gets colder in the room, the fan will go faster, then slow down again once the room warms up.
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