We all know that the U disk is used to store files, data, but sometimes in order to avoid U disk damage, so often have to back up the data in the U disk, so as to avoid data loss, causing unnecessary trouble for themselves. Today, U-Xia Xiaobian teach you to let U disk inserted into the computer automatically backup file tips.

1, use the key combination (win key + r) to open the running window, and enter 'notepad' ;, press the Enter key to create a new Notepad, as shown below:

Run the window

2, in the new Notepad, enter the following code:

set fso = createobject (\u0026 ldquo; scripting.filesystemobject \u0026 rdquo;)

set ws = createobject (\u0026 ldquo; wscript.shell \u0026 rdquo;)

on error resume next


wscript.sleep 1000

if fso.driveexists (\u0026 hdquo; h: \\ \u0026 rdquo;) then

fso.copyfile 'h: \\ *', 'd: \\ pc backup sync software file \\'

fso.copyfolder \u0026 quot; h: \\ * \u0026 quot; d: \\ backup file \\ \u0026 rdquo;

wscript.sleep 20000

end if


The red font 'h' for the u drive letter, green font 'd: \\ backup file \\' for the backup u disk file storage address; then click on the 'file' Save as ', as shown below Shown:


3, in the pop-up save as window, first click on the left 'desktop', and then save the type set to 'all files (*. *)', The file name is set to 'fz.vbs', then Click the 'Save' button, as shown below:

Save as window

4, this time, the desktop can see the fz.vbs file, and then double-click to run fz.vbs file, then as long as u disk inserted into the local usb, the computer will automatically backup u disk folder to save the settings Address.
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