Why wouldn't we when there are about as many natural benefits as the number of rooms at Hidden Beach (45, but who's counting?) to going au natural?

Yep. From better sleep and sex, to higher mood, self-confidence and fertility, to burning more fat (true story) and even lower risk of disease, turns out you've got lots to gain by losing your clothes. Here's a slew of reasons why you should pack your bags (with clothes for traveling and venturing outside the hotel only, of course) and lose yourself in yourself at our secluded sanctuary.

Sleep Better, Burn Fat, and Fall Harder for Your Partner: Talk about a trifecta; sleeping naked will not only let you cool down and get more z's because your body is able to reach an optimal temperature of 65-degrees and below (which helps increase your metabolism and burns fat while you're dreaming) but skin-to-skin cuddling and spooning can lower blood pressure, decrease stress levels, and up your serotonin. Not to mention sleeping sans clothes more likely means midnight or morning sex, which is great for your relationship and your libido.

Don't believe us? Huffington Post reported that fifty-seven percent of people who sleep naked reported feeling happy in their relationships, while only 48 percent who sleep in standard PJs reported the same. #keepcalmandsleepnaked
Vitamin D Intake and Enhanced Immunity: Everyone is worried about getting skin cancer but did you know that we humans are actually lacking in the amount of Vitamin D our bodies need and get? And that a healthy amount of sun exposure daily (so long as you still wear some protection) will actually enhance your body's immune system and natural ability to fight off viruses?

Plus, who wants tan lines? (Not us). So lose the itty bitty bikini and bare all at your oceanfront swim up or join the rest of Hidden Beachers at the main pool instead.
Increase Circulation and Reduce Toxins: Have you ever gotten home after a long day to undress and find red marks on your skin? Business attire, bras, underwear, and even yoga pants can put unnecessary pressure on your body (i.e. reduce circulation and keep your blood from flowing freely).

By going pant and bra less you'll let your blood and body flow with the flow. And that's not all...restrictive clothing also causes excessive sweating, which in turn causes inflammation of the skin follicles and buildup of the pores (i.e. your skin feels suffocated).
Leave the dirty talk for the bedroom (particularly the indoor Jacuzzi) and breathe. Just breathe.

Brain Power: For whatever bizarre reason, forgetting to put shoes (and clothes) on will help you not forget things later on in life, as a number of studies have shown that walking barefoot and going naked will actually prevent Alzheimer's disease (say what?).

That's right: there's something about stimulating the sole of your foot that also stimulates the brain and boosts neuron connection.

Improves Fertility: Everyone knows that babies come from two naked beings coming together as one, but as it turns out, keeping your clothes on the rest of the time could be hindering your chances of reproducing. That's because wearing tighty whities or jeans that put too much pressure on your package can kill nerve receptors, reduce circulation to the penis, and lower sperm count.

Pro tip: If you're looking to add another member to the family, the one-bedroom presidential oceanfront villa with your very own outdoor shower will ensure that happens.
Relaxation: Doing nothing is nice, but doing nothing with nothing on is even nicer for your body and nervous system. In fact, it's the equivalent to 60 minutes of a massage in terms of therapy and relaxation. Want the best of both worlds? Every Sunday at 5 p.m., our Naay Spa goes nude, so you can get 60 minutes of actual relaxation followed by hours of unadulterated decompression. You're welcome.

Connecting with Yourself: Stripping down lets you become more physically aware of your body, and inevitably lets you connect more with the most important relationship you have: the one with the self. By foregoing your outer shell (i.e. clothes), you'll find yourself and all your biggest fears, discomforts, and vulnerabilities exposed and challenged.

And that...that's where the magic happens.
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