Dat nen quan 9 apartment available for sale is located on Nguyen Huu Tho, Phu My Strung adjacent, RMIT International College or university, University of Ton Duc Thang... Ben Thanh market only less than 20 minutes, a Lotte Mart District 7 less than 1. 5km, 500m from Vivo City.....

Dat nen quan 9 apartment is packed with facilities such as cooling off pool, gym, children's play area, barbecue, spa, coffee shop, campus wide and sprawling... Private place.

Apartment nice view, cool, look Phu My Hung. Only you basis.

Size: 88m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one particular deck.

Price: 2 million (inclusive all fees).

Make sure you let us know for a discussion dedicated to apartments and see the reality.

Fulfill the dependence on the customers who buy rentals in Dat nen quan 9, Nguyen Huu Tho, next to Phu My Installed, District 7.

- Condo 2 bedrooms, 2 restrooms, 88m2.
1. 9 million sale price (the blank), 2. 1 - payment payments on your 2 billion (full interior).
- Apartment 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 128m2,
installment obligations on your 4 billion dollars sale price (the blank), 2. 7 - 2. 8 billion (full interior).
- Apartments Lofthouse, approximately for five bedrooms, 160-260m2, 5m high ceilings,
Price sold 3 billion - 5 billion dollars.
- Penthouse Apartment 6m high ceilings, designer 4-5PN,
Price from 5 billion dollars - 7 billion bestowed furniture

Households in Binh Thanh radical: richmond city apartments cheaply to buyers

Area: Sell apartments in Dat nen quan 9 - Nha Be - Ho Chi Minh City.
Cost: 2: 05 billion.
Location: 88m?.
Information describing.
Dat nen quan 9 apartment for sale, 88m2, price 2. 05 billion, including furniture.

Dat nen quan 9 apartment is located on Nguyen Huu Tho, Phu My personal Hung adjacent, RMIT Cosmopolitan University, the University of Ton Duc Thang... Bill Thanh market only below 20 minutes, a Lotte Mart District 7 less to 1. 5 kilometres, 500m from Vivo Town.....

Dat nen quan 9 apartment is packed with facilities such as swimming pool, health club, children's field of play, bbq, spa, cafe, campus wide and airy.....

- Apartments house resort attracts coastal sites

Size: 88m2, 2 sleeping rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 deck.

Price: installment payments on your 05 billion.

Involves each of the furniture in the apartment such as TELEVISION, air conditioner, water heaters, couch, curtains, refrigerators, beds... Extremely suited to living or booking (13: 43 million as well as month).

Sale Dat nen quan 9 apartment 3 bed rooms, area 129m2, high floor, view Dist 1, cut and clean.
Sell the complete interior donate, just bunch in.
Full zones structured utility:
Pools, parks, grocery stores, spa, gym, restaurant, barbeque, preschool....
The apartment is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, next to the Phu My Put up urban area, 15m from metropolis center, from the University of Ton Duc Thang & Rmit 5m, supermarket, hospital...
There are many other convenient.
The sale price of two billion 8.

Sell apartment Dat nen quan 9 Loft space hosue with garden, complete, packed with imported furniture, move around in immediately.

View District you Bitexco direction (see nice fireworks), Phu My Installed view and pool view.
Located on Nguyen Huu Tho, Kien Phuoc, Nha. Saigon South, near to the area 4 Nguyen Van Linh.

Floor area of 130m2, 40m2 garden area, panier area of 60m2, total usable area is 230m2. Fit in instantly or rental investment.
House involves 4 bedrooms (2 masters), 3 toilets, dressing room, work room, storage room, kitchen, equipped with modern equipment and high quality.
- Give always room.
Price: 6. 5 million (negotiable).

Contact: 090. 139. 1268 - 0909. 0585. 97 - Email: huuthanh. info@gmail. com

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