A micro disk is an easy to use network disk, providing large best free file sync backup software cloud storage space, support for computers, mobile phones and other terminal file storage, synchronization and sharing, is your work, study, life essential tool!

Second, the use of methods:

1, Web version: Log in to the microdisk homepage through the computer or mobile browser, upload, download and share files through the webpage.

2, PC client: download and install the pc client, save the file in the micro-disk synchronization folder, all the files in the directory will be automatically backed up to the server, and synchronized to other computers or mobile terminals.

3, mobile client: support for iphone, ipad client, no matter where, you can view the server-side file micro-file, without networking can also view the local collection of documents. Instantly take a picture or video, instant upload, share easier.


Web version: After logging in to Sina Microphone website through a browser, you can upload, download, share and other operations.

Windows client: Download and install Windows client, save the file in 'My Microphone' folder, the folder data will be automatically synchronized to the Microphone cloud, the cloud data will be synchronized to the local.

Windows and Mac Side Desktops Light Edition: MicroDisk Lite does not automatically sync all the user's files from the cloud to your local area. Support desktop floating windows, a key drag and drop upload computer files, storage more efficient; does not account for local disk space, custom download files, fast speed.

Mobile client: Microphone supports iPhone, iPad and Android mobile client, anytime, anywhere, the network can access the data; readily take pictures or video, quickly share to microblogging; support for offline reading of local collections of documents.

Third, to teach a mobile version of the mode of operation: (use the third-party software to see the micro-disk novel)

1, the phone open the micro disc

2, will first enter their own micro-disk home page, select the bottom has been downloaded

3, we can see that we have downloaded articles, novels

4, Microport will default to open this txt file with its own reader.

5, if we want to use a third party reader to open, tap the center of the screen, this time there will be a menu bar, click the upper right corner. . . , And then select the third-party application to open.

6, this time there will be a series of procedures that can be used below, choose the reader you want to use

7, so you can read directly with the reader
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