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Use universal pe toolbox u disk boot disk production tools installed windows10 system, and then complete the software installation and the corresponding settings, the system should be backed up again in the event of system failure to restore the system. So windows10 system how to back up the system? Xiao Bian today to teach you how to backup win10 system.

1, in windows10 system, click 'start' menu - enter 'control panel' - search for 'control panel' and then click open;

2, then click inside the control panel, click 'System and Security';

3, then click 'file history';

4, in the file history click 'system image backup';

5, create a system image - on the hard disk - select the backup file save partition;

6, check the need to back up the system partition and system retention (boot partition), click 'Next' to start the backup, the free backup sync software windows 7 will generate windowsimagebackup, this is a system image backup file.

If you have any problems loading the system, you can come to see the tutorial for help.
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