Your computer have important information that don't want other person to see it? Do you feel there always have someone looking at the data in your computer?

Nowadays, There have more than 70% of people in the world using computers. People don't save their data on paper anymore, they use their computer to save all the data, like company documents, photos, files, chatting history...etc... But do you know the data in your computer are watching by someone else? Your information may be already in someone's hand.. I am going to introduce some basic ways to protect your computer from the Hackers.

1. Using Anti virus software Remember to use Anti virus software to search your computer every week, and turn on the Anti virus software every time you turn on your computer. That can helps stop unauthorized access on your computer, prevents virus infection, and "cloaks" your data ports against a hacker scanning for openings.

2. Be careful Email Attachment Never open or download the attachment in your Email, unless you know what is it for , or you know the person that sent to you. There have chance that virus is hiding inside the attachment.

3. Be careful what you download in the internet You have to be careful what you download in the internet. There have a lot of program can spy on your computer after you download. Those program can get the information from your computer, the information when you searching on the internet back to the creator of the program. It is a big deal actually, why? Because when you and searching on the internet, there have some important information will pass out (Like your Credit card number, or your social security number). You do not want to give out those information. There have some ways that you can protect your computer from those spy, one of them are the anti-spyware Program, it can protect your personal information from being taken without your permission.

4. Make sure your computer OS and softwares are up to date Hackers are always looking for the security Gaps to hack into someone's computer. The first things they look for are the operating system, web browser and software that install in your computer. So make sure everything in your computer are up to date.

5. set up a password for your Wireless Network Make sure you set up a password on your wireless router. A lot of wireless router are set to no password require when you first install it. Be sure you do that, at least set up a basic security on your wireless network, or else everyone can access to the computers in that Wireless Network.

Those are the basic tips to protect your computer from the hackers. There also have many others advance ways to stop the hackers, but at least do the things that I mention above first. Then you can get into more advance ways to protect your computer. Hope this information will help some of you.

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