Phone number is very important information in our mobile phone, once the mobile phone is lost or the mobile phone number is lost, you can encounter big trouble, if you can get it back. Xiao Bian today to tell everyone that as long as preparations are made, the phone number is not lost, lost can easily find it.

First you ask, you installed QQ synchronization yet, if installed, previously also bound QQ number and phone, QQ synchronization can back up all your original phone all the phone and text messages, whether you lost the phone, or bought a new Mobile phone, as long as the free folder sync backup software from the cloud back to the phone can be. Of course, Tencent phone steward or millet MIUI also has the function of synchronization and backup phone number.

You take the ID card to the telecom business hall, (you can call the telecom operator customer service, mobile 10086, China Unicom 10010, telecommunications 10000, ask the home or business unit near the unit), to fill the call records and SMS records, In the past six months or a year, who always talk to you or send text messages, you put their numbers, send text messages unified, saying that their cell phone replacement lost phone numbers, ask their names and work units, so that they reply, Most people will give you a reply.

If you are using Android machine, you also often live online wireless upgrade, if your machine is broken, you can see the machine before each upgrade, the backup material is still there, can restore the previous backup phone contacts .

Or, take a look at your own computer or hard drive, previously downloaded from the phone down the address book, even if a few years ago, backup phone contacts are OK ah, at least the old friends are. Or see if there's any contact list of activities, trips, tours, or events you've attended before, and maybe there's a phone number you'll be good friends later on.

There is, to you also know the phone number, or WeChat friends, it is best to be more active, energetic friends, let them see you and his common friends, he has no phone or even WeChat , To know the common people telephone and WeChat to you. WeChat to change the social way, with the WeChat group function, version 5.0, in the bottom right of the function 'I', find 'set', 'common', 'function' in the mass function, new mass, Make a group call again 'Cell phone lost, so that they put their phone number and unit or occupation information, WeChat sent to you.'
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