Data backup and recovery services

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(1) to develop a backup program to ensure complete data backup

(2) to assess the backup process, the system to develop the process.

(3) the implementation of backup processing, the most valuable information for the enterprise preserved

(4) verify the backup results, to ensure that the backup information is correct.

(5) data recovery processing, so that data to reproduce.

(6) verify the data processing, to ensure that the recovery of data integrity

Service Description: Ai antimony unlimited for enterprises to provide comprehensive data recovery services to help enterprises quickly save the loss, so that in the event of a fault or accident to create all the opportunities, turn the corner.

First, the fault classification

1, logical failure: mistakenly partitioned, mistakenly formatted, mistakenly deleted, mistakenly cloned, partition table information is lost, boot sector information is lost, virus damage, hacker attacks.

2, the physical failure: BIOS does not recognize the disk, the hard disk abnormal sound, the motor does not turn, head burned, head aging, head chip damage, head offset, disc scratch, magnetic deformation, circuit board burn, Breakdown, broken needle and so on.


Disk array common faults:

\u0026 bull; system can not start, RAID information is broken, due to a hard drive dropped, replacement failure after the replacement, the system crashes, RAID information is lost;

\u0026 bull; hard disk (single or multiple) dropped, RAID card is damaged, the system crashes after replacement, partition information is lost;

\u0026 nbsp; hard disk bad sectors (physical, logical), reconfigure RAID array information, disk order error, dynamic disk database is missing or damaged;

\u0026 bull; Linux, UNIX system started unsuccessful, or partition can not mount, can not find the district;

\u0026 bull; rebuild midway failure, rebuild success, the partition can not find or the system can not start;

\u0026 bull; red light kept flashing, or yellow light kept flash (some yellow light flash that is reading, some false instructions);

\u0026 bull; MBR damage, DBR damage, disk block bad sectors, disk and more bad sectors.

4, database data recovery: Access, Foxpro, SQL SERVER, ORACLE, MYSQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase and other database repair.

5, file repair: a variety of files damaged after the repair.

6, mail repair: support Foxmail, Outlook, outlook backup windows 7 64 bit Express, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes and other mail data recovery and repair.

7, Ai antimony infinite can crack the system password and file password.

Second, the media interface support

Can repair IDE, SATA, SCSI, FC, RAID disk array;

Third, the operating system support

Supported operating systems DOS / Win9X, Mac, WinNT / 2000 / XP / 2003, Linux, Unix, Novell and so on.

Fourth, the hard disk brand classification

Support Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, IBM, Quantum, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Optoelectronics and so on.

Five, supported media types

Support hard disk, mobile hard disk, MO, PD, U disk, ZIP, CD, floppy disk, tape, flash memory, MP3, recording pen, MP4, PDA and so on.

Repair service

The staff of the Auranton Unlimited Data Recovery Center receive. See the repair service process or telephone consultation 010-62684652.

On-site service

Ai antimony unlimited data recovery center to provide engineers within the Beijing Wuhuan on-site service, arrived within 6 hours. Home service costs 200 yuan, on-site maintenance, regardless of the success or failure to repair, are charged on the door fee. See the on-site service process or telephone consultation 010-62684652.

Pick up the door

Ai antimony unlimited data recovery center free of charge within the Beijing Wuhuan within the door to take business, designated time to arrive or telephone consultation 010-62684652.

Express delivery plate

Ai antimony unlimited data recovery center to receive customer express sent to the media. See the express delivery process or telephone consultation 010-62684652.

Offsite data recovery

If there is no local antimony infinite data recovery center, please use the mail and other means to send the media to Beijing Ai antimony unlimited data recovery center. See the remote data recovery process or telephone consultation 010-62684652.

Ai antimony unlimited continuous improvement of service standards, in order to small and medium enterprises IT equipment, application storage equipment in a sudden situation, the data can be security, Ai antimony unlimited service implementation and management experience to effectively reduce the data damage caused by management costs, IT support service management is scientific and efficient;

Ai antimony unlimited through outstanding IT outsourcing services to enhance the customer's brand value.
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