Plug-ins (add-ins) are special COM files that extend the functionality of the program. In other words, they make your job easier. The popularity of Office - or, occasionally, limitations - makes it the perfect carrier for plug-ins. Some of these Office plug-ins are provided by Microsoft, but most plug-ins are third-party products and many are free. Here's a list of some of the most popular Microsoft Office plug-ins for your reference, hoping to make your office easier.

outlook sync software free1.PDF / XPS save or print plug-in

There is no doubt that many Office users have encountered the problem of how to save Access reports as PDF files. Adobe Systems created the PDF format more than a decade ago. Because of its flexibility and universal appeal, it has now become an open standard.

XML Paper Specification (XPS) is an XML-based specification created by Microsoft that supports device and resolution independence. In other words, the content is unaffected by the client browser and local settings.

In order to save the document in PDF or XPS format, Microsoft offers a free Microsoft Office 2007 plug-in, Microsoft 2007 Save as PDF or XPS. In addition, you also try PDF995, CutePDFWriter or PrimoPDF. Their functions are much the same.

2.Word formula editor MathType

MathType is an interactive formula editor that creates mathematical notation in Word documents. Its flexibility is high enough to handle web pages, desktop publishing tools, PowerPoint presentations, and more. MathType is definitely a necessity for those writing scientific, engineering, and mathematical essays.

In Word 2007, Microsoft also offers the Microsoft Math plug-in that greatly simplifies your work in creating images, formulating formulas, and solving variables.

3.Outlook file search tool Lookeen

Lookeen is a search tool for Outlook 2003 and 2007 that integrates into your local system to help you easily and quickly search all your outlook calendar sync software free folders, including your archive folders. At the same time, you can search e-mail, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts.

4. Name Search Tool Search Commands

You do not often encounter all users want you to consult Office 2007 commands and functions? Well, you can easily get around this by simply installing the Search Commands plugin on their local system. The plug-in and its 'fool', the user simply in accordance with their own words in the label, enter the command description, Search Commands can help you find the required command. And it is also very easy to install.

5.VB code aids MZ-Tools

If you need to write your own VBA solution then you definitely need MZ-Tools. This custom add-in has several new features that make your programming more efficient:

- Write better quality code and quickly find existing code.

- The default properties can be applied with just a single mouse click.

- Quickly comment the code by inserting a custom header into the module.

- Automatically add line numbers and error handling to the process.

6.VB error handling aids SimplyVBA Global Error Handler

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler can display valid information for each error:

- The process and module where the error is

- Track all steps from the call stack to the error iteration

All VBA developers appreciate the powerful error handling features of SimplyVBA Global Error Handler.

7. Online Services Office Live

Office Live lets you directly open or save Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files in Office Live Workspace. However, Mozilla Firefox users want to use Office Live need to install additional plug-ins. But note that it is not a simple plug-in. You need specific updates, and if you do not have these, you must download and install these updates.

8.PST backup plug-in Personal Folders Backup

Outlook stores all your mail, calendar entries, contacts, and other information in a single PST file. If something unexpected happens to the file, you may lose all your mail, tasks, appointments, and contact information. Therefore, backing up the file is an important part of any routine maintenance effort. Personal Folders Backup is a plugin that regularly backs up PST files. (If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, you do not need to install the plug-in because the system administrator will back up the PST file for you.)

9. Mail Merge Toolkit Mail Merge Toolkit

Merging files is a powerful feature and usually has some limitations. Mail Merge Toolket extends existing merge features in Outlook, Word, and Publisher. With this plugin you can:

- Personalized theme.

- Attach the file to the mail.

- Send HTML or RTF mail regardless of security settings.

- Send GIF mail from Publisher.

10.PowerPoint Merge plugin PPTools Merge

Merging PowerPoint presentations can be very laborious, but if you need this functionality, PPTools Merge exactly fits your needs. This plugin merges Excel tabs or comma-separated files into PowerPoint text boxes, images, comments, and hyperlinks. You can combine data, images, video, audio and external text files. For example, you can use PPTools Merge to print a member award certificate at the end of a plan, rather than printing and mailing it out after it finishes.

11. Powpoint trimming plug-in Narration Timing Tweaker

In PowerPoint, you can record audio narration to improve slide show performance. However, this is a 'winner-take-all' type of feature. If an event needs to be adjusted, then you have to start from scratch and find it hard to succeed in one or two. Narration Timing Tweaker lets you fine tune the narration of a slide show.

12. OLAP PivotTable Extensions for Excel 2007

PivotTable pivot table added in Excel 2007. Instead of writing complex formulas, you can use wizards to create an interactive form to extract, organize, and summarize your data automatically. You can then use the report to analyze and compare data, detect patterns and relationships, and analyze trends.

OLAP PivotTable Extensions for Excel 2007 extends the OLAP PivotTable Extensions, which include the Analysis Services Cube recently. In fact it does not provide more functionality, but provides an interface using existing features.

13. Development Accessibility Tools Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime

Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime plug-in to help developers as soon as possible to bring a solution to market. The plug-in includes packaging, deployment, licensing and other tools.

14.Outlook print aids Blueprint for Outlook

Outlook has very limited printing capabilities, even with Outlook 2007. The Blueprint for Outlook plugin contains some features that Outlook should include but not include. With this plugin, you can print a single web page or selected text, quickly and automatically customize print jobs, or print attachments.

15. Simple text formatting plug-in CrossEyes

If you need to format large-scale text files, such as formatted into books or news, you will find the limitations of Word. CrossEyes can help you learn more. This program has many colored windows that help distinguish between different formatting codes (each color represents the degree of formatting of the code) so that you can see in which format the selected text is being formatted. Can understand why the two seemingly the same title after the same change is different, after deleting a paragraph symbol format what happened, but also to see the original hidden text.

16. Outlook Send SMS plug-in Microsoft Outlook SMS

This software allows you to use most GSM mobile phones and send SMS messages by connecting to a personal computer using Outlook 2003. You can use the Outlook type form to enter the SMS message, and then spread to the phone, sent over the network. No need to install additional third-party software, or open more network services, as long as your mobile phone can be connected with the phone. Moreover, infrared, Bluetooth, or USB link method is feasible. These SMS messages can be saved as drafts, bulk, or forwarded, just like a standard Outlook 2003 e-mail.

17.Office plug-in development and troubleshooting tools AddInSpy

With AddInSpy, you can develop new Office plug-ins and troubleshoot existing Office plug-ins. Although Microsoft provides this plug-in download for free in its MSDN, it does not provide support for it. However, this does not prevent AddInSpy from becoming a favorite of many Office users.
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