If you want to use digital certificates to sign, encryption, you must first apply for a digital certificate, and now issued a lot of digital certificate institutions, but mainly in foreign countries, of course, now the provinces are also building their own CA center. If you just want to try it now, you can apply for a free digital certificate, such as MyCA (https://www.myca.cn)

outlook backup windows 8.1Apply for a certificate

The first step, log MyCA's website https://www.myca.cn, click on the installation of root certificate, complete the root certificate installation.

The second step, click on the registration, enter the registration page, in the registration page as required to fill out the registration information.

The third step is completed after submission. Confirm the information is correct, confirm and click 'OK'.

Step 4, get the e-mail from the administrator, click the link in the message, enter the page to obtain the certificate, click 'Get', enter the confirmation page, enter the personal identification number (administrator e-mail sent the number) ,finish installation.

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Step 1: Select 'Tools / Accounts' in Outlook Express

Step 2: Select your e-mail account to apply for a certificate, click 'Properties', select the 'Security' tab.

Sign, encrypt, and secure e-mail with CA certificate

Step 3: Select the appropriate signature and encryption certificate in the 'Security' tab.

Step 4: Write the message in the top of the toolbar, select 'signature', 'encryption' option to achieve the appropriate function.

Sign, encrypt, and secure e-mail with CA certificate

Note: The prerequisite for e-mail encryption is that both the recipient and the sender must have a digital certificate. If the sender wants to send the encrypted message to the specified recipient, then the specified recipient must send , If you use Outlook Express or Outlook to receive mail, then in the Inbox to receive the message, select the message right click to select 'add the sender to the address book' option, the system will automatically receive the message The signature certificate into the system, so the next time you want to send encrypted messages to each other, only need to select the encryption button to complete the encryption process.

Certificate of export

Sometimes you need to install the certificate to another computer system, then first to export the certificate.

The first step: open the IE window, select 'Tools / internet options', select 'content', click 'certificate'.

Step 2: Select the certificate you need to back up, click 'Export'

Step 3: Go to the certificate export interface and click Next

Step 4: Select Export Private Key

Step 5: Select the format of the exported file. It is important to note that 'if possible, include all certificates in the certificate path'.

Sign, encrypt, and secure e-mail with CA certificate

Step 6: Set the private key to protect the password. This password will be used in the import can not forget the password.

Step 7: Specify the path to the export file, click Next. It is recommended to back up private keys to removable storage devices such as floppy disks or discs

Step 8: Click 'Finish'.

Recovery Certificate (Import of Certificate) The certificate import is similar to the certificate export operation, and the certificate can be imported into the system according to the wizard prompts.

Currently supports digital signature e-mail software mainly Foxmail, Outlook 2000 / XP, outlook settings backup software Express, Notes, Netscape Messenger, Frontier, Pre-mail, Eudora and so on.
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